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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 24, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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checks. you're just a piece of low life piece of [beep]. >> debt collectors are breaking the law to get your money but we've got ways to protect yourselves only here on "fox & friends" because it starts right now. >> good morning, folks. >> good morning, everyone. hope you're having a great day. you know what? it's snowing again on the east coast. >> wow! >> what's going on? i go on vacation, i come back and i break out the boots. >> not only that, it's heavy snow. i had to get out of the car. >> did he say mr. kilmeade, what are you doing? >> i got a chauffeur and co-pilot, both got out and did it. fantastic. it's true, gretchen, you're back from the south and here in the north, we're trying to persevere. >> still winter. >> i know. that's why we're tough. we have to get right to your head lines this morning. fox news alert. while you were sleeping, a
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massive and dangerous fire burning out of control at one of the busiest airports in the country. we're talking miami international. this video into the fox newsroom shows flames raging at a fuel tanks farm. it broke out around 11:00 p.m. last night, teams of firefighters racing against the clock now pouring water on the flames to keep more tanks from going up. good news in some of this, a short time ago, they put the fire out. travelers can expect delays today as investigators trying to figure out how this all happened. we're getting our first look now inside the plant in japan. the photos show workers trying to make repairs there. three workers were exposed to radiation while doing electrical work there. two of them now in the hospital and in tokyo, shops are now rationing milk, toilet paper, rice and water after officials admit that iodine is in the tap water and is twice the level considered safe. after urging a calm transition in egypt, defense secretary robert gates is leaving cairo
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now to meet with defense minister barack in israel. his arrival comes hours after a series of air strikes in the gaza strip in retaliation for yesterday's deadly bombing at a crowded bus stop in jerusalem. one woman was killed and more than 20 people were injured. israel blaming palestinian militants for that attack. after falling asleep on the job, apparently, federal officials are cracking down now on air traffic control procedures. u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood calling for at least two air traffic controllers now to man overnight shifts. this after a controller at d.c.'s reagan national airport reportedly fell asleep and two planes couldn't get in touch with the tower after mid night just trying to land. both had to go in for a landing on their own. toes your headlines. >> five hour energy ran out and two planes had to do their own thing. >> i'm sure nothing's down there on the runway. let's cross our fingers. let's talk a little bit about what's going on right now. in libya, new video just in, one
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of qaddafi's bases reportedly destroyed by u.s. coalition air strikes. look at these pictures, showing a flaming wreckage overnight and qaddafi's compound in tripoli also reportedly targeted again and was struck. the commander of britain's royal air force says libya's air force no longer exists. >> so now that we also have an exclusive story that came to us, i think james rosen and jennifer griffin working on this together. essentially, there might be some break as we try to find out if qaddafi wants out, will he do it willingly or be in some other way, shape or form, will he use some of those complicated tunnels, complexes that he has built evidently underground. >> exclusive is this foreign minister of libya apparently has contacted the assistant secretary of state here in the united states, jeffrey feldman, this is not the first time they've had conversations. way in which the protocol works here is apparently he does not initiate calls to him. he has in the past originated
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calls that the united states agrees to take. if this is the case, this would mean in the last couple of hours or days, he has reached out to the united states and what does that all mean? does that mean that qaddafi is looking for a way to get out of the country safely? what does it mean this morning? >> i think it plays into the scenario where the secretary of state brought up actually yesterday that there have been situations where she's heard reports but not directly that muammar qaddafi could be looking for a way out. maybe reaching out to other countries and saying, hey, would you take me in if i had a few billion with me and i hit the streets? and took my sons? >> sure. while this guy is reaching out to the united states and apparently, he's made contacted can people in foggy bottom a couple of times, he's come policity in some of the atrocities. the secretary of state made the sternest scolding of mr. qaddafi thus far. she said he has got to go. here she is.
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>> the quickest way for him to end this is to actually serve the libyan people by leaving. it will be up to qaddafi and his insiders to determine what their next steps are but we would certainly encourage that they would make the right decision. and not only institute a real comprehensive cease-fire but withdraw from the cities, end military actions and prepare for a transition that does not include colonel qaddafi. >> she encourages there but ultimately, no ultimatum. >> despite the chaos in the coalition, they are making some progress on the ground. two western cities saw the exit of qaddafi's forces yesterday. as it looks like the rebels moved in and now there's proof that there's coordination between what's happening with the coalition and with the rebels on the ground including c.i.a. operatives and equipment
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on the ground. >> and also, while we have heard the president say, you know, this is going to take days and not weeks, the defense secretary gates said yesterday, we don't have a timeline. it's open ended and we don't know how it's going to end. >> as secretary of state, she was parsing her words. they have to be so careful as to exactly how they define exactly what's going on in libya. let's face it, america, they're watching every single word the rest of the world is. and in the meantime, somebody who doesn't parse a lot of words, governor sarah palin. here's what she says she thinks the final outcome will be for the libyan leader. >> i think qaddafi is going to end up dead through this mission whether it's at the hands of the rebels who have turned on him or whether it is at the hands of america and her allies as we are engaged in this no-fly zone which, again, greta, seems to be
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turning into much more than that. much more serious than that. i think that at the end of the day, qaddafi is not going to go willingly. >> here's the problem. gretchen, you mentioned words. words matter. one word i thought we can agree on, that's war. when you have missiles, planes and when you lose 70 tanks in the first day, it's a war. the administration says it's not a war. it's a video game with real missiles? >> no, he need permission. >> i thought it was as simple as a three letter word. w-a-r. no, it's kinetic military action. it's gotten more complicated since i went away. >> you can't say war. you can't say war on terror. >> this is my poin. you have to be very careful because of the wars that you use. if it was officially a war, you need to get congressional approval. >> day one of the kinetic military action. 70 tanks blow up themselves. >> sure. >> fantastic. >> also, we are learning that, you know, in -- yesterday, donald trump was called over to "the view" and sat down with five ladies there on their curvy
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couch. ours is much nicer but at one point -- >> so are we. >> barbara walters said hey, let's talk a little bit about "celebrity apprentice" and the trumpster said we don't need to talk about that. let's talk about something more important, my political ambitions. will i, perhaps, run for president of the united states and suddenly he started talking about things that would regard the fella who would be his opponent should mr. trump run in 2012. of course, that would be barack obama. and there's some people out there that would like to know if he's really born of the united states. let's see the birth certificate. donald trump talked about that yesterday. >> why doesn't he show his birth certificate? you know what? i wish he would. i think it's a terrible pale that's hanging over him. he should show his birth certificate. other thing, if you go back to my first grade, my kindergarten, people remember me. nobody from those early years -- >> that's not true. >> that's something on the birth
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certificate that he doesn't want. >> all right. you have to wonder why is donald trump doing this? why is donald trump seemingly siding with those in this nation that doesn't think that president obama was born in the united states of america. why would donald trump do that? e-mail us and let us know why you think he's going down this path. friends, have we changed our e-mail address since i've been gone. is it still the same? friends at you can twitter me as well. >> sure. >> here's more, whoopi goldberg who is friends with donald trump says i've heard enough. she went back at him. >> she did? >> i think that's the biggest pile of dog mess i've heard in ages! >> there's something on the birth certificate he doesn't want to show -- >> let him show, it has nothing to do with that. >> any white president asked to be shown the birth certificate when they become a president of the united states of america, you know that he's american. >> let him show his birth
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certificate. >> that's b. s.! >> donald trump did say during that exchange was probably born in the united states but it would just -- it would be very -- it would be very helpful to him, the president of the united states, if he simply would present a copy and we should point out that during the 2008 presidential campaign, the campaign did produce a copy of the birth certificate. from hawaii. >> there's so many other issues to talk about, the wars and the economy, i don't think he needs this. >> why is he doing this? let us know. coming up on the show, harassing calls from debt collectors like this one on the rise. >> you're writing bad checks, you're stealing tools. you're just a piece of -- low life piece of [beep]. >> holy cow. what to do if you get a call like this. we'll tell you how to handle it next. >> what's the bigst regret in life? men say bad career choices and bad beer. what about women? you'll want to hear this one. i'm afraid that's mine. >> that was a big mistake.
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>> welcome back. imagine answering your phone and hearing this. >> i saw what you mean, you're writing bad checks. you're stealing tools. you're a low life piece of [beep]. >> if i don't hear from you, i will have the sheriff's department at your doorstep. >> great. those are not pranks. they're debt collectors. and more collection agencies are using these extremely aggressive tactics. but are they legal? fred williams is the author of "fight back against unfair debt collection practices" he wrote the book after going undercover at a collection agency for three months and joins us from the d.c. bureau. fred, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> ok, so you went undercover at one of those call centers where people make calls like that. what were you told to do as a debt collector? >> well, management didn't tell me to do anything wrong but my peers, my co-workers showed me all the tricks of how to trick
6:15 am
people into thinking that they were in big trouble if they didn't pay us right away. >> what's one of the keys to trick people into paying? >> well, to put pressure on -- a collector is just a guy with a phone that doesn't have any real authority. so he insinuates that he might say he's with law enforcement. i had one co-worker who pretended to be a fraud investigator and that got people to the phone pretty quickly. >> no kidding. ok. >> as soon as they answered, he'd turn around on them and say are you trying to commit credit card fraud? >> well, at the same time, these collection agencies in some cases are breaking the law, aren't they? >> that's pretty illegal right there. >> no kidding. now, we should point out that a lot of the guys who make those phone calls and gals as well, they get a commission so the more they can scare the living daylights out of you, the more money they're going to make, right? >> yeah, some of my -- the top producers who are making more than 10,000 a month, just in bonus. >> that is amazing. let's talk about some of the
6:16 am
things people can do to protect themselves. first of all, cease communication. demand verification of the debt. dispute the debt and keep a record of harassing calls and file a complaint or take the collector to court. let's start with the first one. cease communication. what's that mean? usually the phone calls are initiated by the debt collector, aren't they? >> that's right. maybe it sounds too easy but first out of the box, you have this right to tell the collector just don't call me, don't contact me. you need to send that in writing. you should send it certified so you have a receipt. and they're supposed to abide by that. this works best for people who they know the debt either isn't theirs or was paid off a long time ago so it won't come back to haunt them. >> how often do people say i think the debt collector who is harassing me is breaking the law and they wind up taking them to the court. is their debt ever cleared? >> yeah, it's happening more
6:17 am
and more. but i think a lot of people, like you said, i worked at this job for a few months and very few of the people that i spoke to really knew their rights here. yeah, you need to -- before you get to the whole court and complaint part, you have some rights before that, you can demand verification of the debt. they're supposed to send you what's called a validation notice to make sure you're in fact getting done for a bill you incurred. >> this is good information for a lot of people. a lot of people are getting the harassing phone calls and in some cases, they are illegal. we thank you very much for joining us and giving us your tips on how to survive those calls. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> all right, next up on the rundown on this thursday, point of view on libya you may not have heard yet. a member of the european parliament says we made a mistake 20 years ago and that put us in this mess that we're in today. and something else, you haven't heard. a story about elizabeth taylor from a kid who used to do his
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homework in her dressing room. he's all grown up now and here in our studio live to talk about elizabeth taylor. the angels start second guessing where they tread. ♪ cl 1-800-steemer ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ]
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>> welcome back. quick headlines for you on this thursday. the united kingdom's embassy team has pulled out of yemen. britain is moving people out after increased security concerns. skeleton crew will stay behind. anti-government protests are expected to become more violent this week and more than 164 nationals mostly illegal immigrants behind bars in northern virginia. immigration and customs enforcement officials say half of the suspects are convicts. gretch, brian? >> thank you, steve. it's become a coalition of confusion. six days in and it's still
6:22 am
unclear who is actually in charge of the military operation in libya. france and the u.s. say that they're going to give nato control in a few days. >> but not all of the countries in the coalition think that's a good idea. for example, france. european parliament member daniel hannan joins us from brussels. daniel, who's in command? who's in control? >> good question. i mean, the problem with nato is that it wasn't designed for this. i mean, nato did its job brilliantly but 20 years ago, it should have awarded itself a medal and retired with honor. the trouble is when have you ever known any bureaucracy to volunteer to disband itself? we're pressing the wrong kind of structure into affairs for which they were not designed. you know, we'd be much better off, i think, with a flexible coalition of free democracies. >> see, my take on this, daniel, is maybe the united states and maybe other countries were kind of looking for a cover because they maybe didn't want to really have military action in libya.
6:23 am
if they say nato is in charge, then the u.s. or britain or norway or italy, well then they really aren't in charge. what do you think about that? >> i think that may be right. you have to stand back and ask the question, why now? ok, why are we attacking qaddafi now? 20 years ago, we had every possible reason, he'd attack you, he'd attack us. the libyan had murdered one of our policewomen. he had sponsored an armed insurrection at the united kingdom and at lockerbie, he was responsible for the mass murder of your citizens and ours. that was the moment to hit back. instead we kissed and cuddled and literally kissed in the case of blair slobbering over him and now we're attack him, why? because the u.n. says so. have we now reached the stage that we don't act in the national interest and only act in the behest of some in the bureaucra bureaucracy. >> that's the controversy here. speaker boehner said you got
6:24 am
authority from the security council while we were on vacation. next thing we're at war. we can't use that war. norway wants italy to be the command in control. germany wants no part of it and the u.k. and u.s. tonight want to lead. u.s. wants out by saturday. meanwhile, as we move forward, how odd is it from your perspective working there in brussels that the u.s. does not want to lead and has not led? >> i think that is very understandable if you look at the whole of your president's outlook, what he said, you know, he is shaped in the anti-colonial tradition and very uncomfortable of the idea of rich countries dropping bombs on poor countries pretty much whatever the circumstances. but what i really want to take issue with here is the idea that it is somehow moral to fight a war when the u.n. security council says so and not when it doesn't. that sounds very high minded until you stop and think what it means in practice. what it means in practice if we're contracting out our
6:25 am
morality and foreign policy to russia and china and that's crazy. >> that's an interesting take. one other thing to keep in mind, though, the united states also at war in iraq and afghanistan right now and war weary might be a way to describe how the american people feel about attacking yet another country. be that as it may, let's talk about france taking the lead in this whole mission. why do you think that president sarkozy wants to be in the lead position? >> i can only speculate but my guess is that he called the tunisian revolution very badly and offered assistance to the dictator against the popular revolution there. that created a lot of bad feeling in france both among french muslims from north africa and among the general population of france. he has an election coming up and he wants to expunge that rather unpleasant episode and now posture as a great world leader. i've got to say, that's not the best motive on which to embark on military action. >> yeah.
6:26 am
nicolas sarkozy would have been an interesting partner for george as opposed to jacques chirac. they would not let our fighters go over there when reagan was president and now leading the charge in 2011. great to get your perspective in a beautiful, it looks like a crowded area but your voice won out. >> about to go into vote. so nice to be here. >> ok. we'll fax it to you. if you're a little late. if you need a note. >> thanks. >> meanwhile, coming up next, daniel hannan, thanks. more than 1,000 drunk drivers about to be allowed back on the roads. you say major screw-up? >> then what's your biggest regret? brian says making a bad beer choice. >> yes, i'll never get over it. >> what do women say? stick around for this one. i'm wondering what my gender thinks. i have no idea. >> happy birthday to my only real friend, alisyn hannigan. she's the star of "buffy the vampire slayer". she's 37 today.
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call or click today. >> muammar qaddafi is surrounded, have you heard this? surrounded by an elite core of 40 female bodyguards all of whom
6:31 am
are virgins. yeah. in a related story today, charlie sheen invaded libya. and that is a total true story, remember, he traveled with them. he says it's a promise to his mother to give women more say in society if you become head of libya. he ended up asendeding to that level. that's how he rewarded his mom. >> strange but true. >> other people get a plaque or have a golf tournament. now to your headlines. the crisis in japan is getting ugly. we're getting our first look now at japan's failing nuclear complex. david piper has been covering this story since it broke. he's live with the very latest developments. don't drink the water, right, david? >> yes, that's right. big problems in tokyo. let's start at the moment with the plant. the workers are back there trying to cool down those reactors. but they are facing more proble problems. three workers have been exposed
6:32 am
to high radiation now and they've been hospitalized. that's come from the number 3 reactor. that's a real worry. that's a plutonium based reactor and if that has some major release, it could have much more worse consequences for the japanese population. and in tokyo, the people there have been clearing the shops out of bottled water after radiation there spiked in tap water. the japanese government had warned radioactive iodine was above safety levels for infants and shouldn't be used in milk powder mixtures. it's being reported here that radiation levels in tokyo's tap water have dropped below safety levels for toddlers. in a nearby place, tap water is reported to be well above what's considered safe for infants and the concerns about japan's food products being radiated has now gone global. the u.s. is the first to ban food products from near the nuclear plants. now australia, singapore and hong kong have restricted food
6:33 am
and milk products from the zone around that power plant. they're also checking for radiation on all products from japan. japan's health ministry says it's detected above safety level. radiation in 20 types of vegetables now. so great concern at this time about that spreading radiation. back to you guys. >> all right. >> all right, david piper live for us. thank you very much. and now we have to bring you another fox news alert. check this out. out of texas. take a look at these incredible live pictures coming in right now. that's in -- it's actually video now. not live. new video now. an 18 wheeler dangling over a ramp over interstate 20 -- first i thought that was a jetway going out to the airport but that is part of the truck dangling over the bridge. this is in fort worth, texas. interstate 20. firefighters using a ladder to reach the cab and get to the driver. right now, they're trying to get a harness on him. the accident caused when a truck slammed into the car. we're keeping an eye on this
6:34 am
developing situation and bring you details as they continue to happen. that's one way to wake up this morning. >> precarious. >> dangling over the bridge. meanwhile, other headlines today, accused tucson gunman jared loughner is awaiting a mental evaluation to see if he's competent to stand trial. he's being held at a medical center, that is to say, for prisoners in springfield, missouri. there, some inmates live in a dorm and are assigned jobs but loughner will be kept alone in a cell. other infamous inmates to stay here, mob boss john gotti, panamanian dictator noriega and hustler publisher larry flint. >> all separate cells. at least 1147 drunk driving cases in philadelphia could be thrown out because four of the city's breathalyzer machines were not working correctly. police chief charles ramsey has pinpointed this problem. >> there's one person that's responsible for calibrating these machines, the human error is inexcusable.
6:35 am
period. should not have happened. >> the officer blamed for the bungle has been reassigned. an internal investigation under way. >> while you were sleeping, a massive and dangerous fire burned out of control at one of the nation's busiest airports. miami international. look at this. renee marsh of wsvn reports from miami international. >> good morning. >> good morning. it was a sight to see. portion of that video there. to give you some perspective here, we're talking about six fuel tanks and their capacity, six million gallons and although we don't know at this point how much fuel was in that tank or any of those tankers at the time of the fire, as you can see, this fire was massive. we can tell you it started around 11:00 last night and it was burning well into the morning. there were no injuries, thank goodness for that. we can tell you this happened at the fueling station where the
6:36 am
aircraft here at miami international airport fuel up. it was away from the runway as well as away from terminals. but at this point, they are telling us you can expect some delays if you're leaving out of miami international airport simply because they have to figure out this fueling situation and getting fuel to the aircrafts again, no injuries and at this hour, we can tell you that the airport is still operational. flights are still coming in and out. but boy, those pictures just simply amazing. massive flames. it was seen for miles. many people taking video with their cell phones. these flames hard to even estimate how high they went into the sky. we saw just thick smoke there. officials here on the ground estimating we are talking about hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel burned here at miami international airport. that's the latest from here. we're live from miami international airport, renee marsh. back to you. >> thanks for the pictures.
6:37 am
meanwhile, she was an iconic beauty and hollywood legend. >> of the roman empire. >> i asked it of julius caesar! i demand it of you! >> i sense chemistry and two marriages. elizabeth taylor's career spanned decades and along the way, our next guest got to the actress next. gary singer's father john was taylor's publicist and dear friend and richard burton's publicist and friend. very sad day for you, gary, but not necessarily unexpected. she was -- >> no, i mean, 79 is not bad, you know, whatever you want to do, she lived an incredible life. she was an absolutely wonderful woman. and she was royalty. i mean, richard and elizabeth were royalty. there was no -- >> most famous people in the world for a while. >> absolutely. you couldn't go anywhere. i think her 50th birthday party i remember was in budapest. >> why not?
6:38 am
>> they used to fly everywhere. my father flew over to meet princess grace in monte carlo and flew to budapest for the party. that's what they did. they lived in rome and mexico. >> good excuse not to see your baseball. >> that's true. >> amazing thing, gary, back in those days, it was your father's job as a publicist to actually keep liz taylor, elizabeth as she liked to be called, on of the press. whereas today in modern times, we see all these young actors and actresses doing everything they can to get in the press. >> there's so much more now than there was back then and it's true. and then that was more my dad's job was keeping names out of the press and keeping things quieter and now it's exactly you're right. everybody wants to do everything! they want to be out there. >> talk about your interaction with her as a kid and later in life. >> well, i mean, when they first came back -- i remember we were at my aunt marilyn's house for some holiday when all of a sudden, the phone rang and she came and said richard burton is
6:39 am
on the phone and johnny, get up to toronto, we're getting married. and after that, that was -- they were together forever. and when they were doing hamlet, my dad used to bring me and we'd go backstage during the second act and he would sit downstairs and i'd be up in the dressing room doing my homework and elizabeth would be there and, you know, she'd be helping helping me with my homework and one time when i was 11 we went to california for the first time and went out to "who is afraid of virginia wolf" set at warner brothers. it was a closed set. richard came out to walk the dogs, elizabeth's dogs and all of a sudden, he said what are you doing here? we're not allowed in. you come with me, i'm fine. she was in make-up. i sat on the make-up chair next to her and she asked me about disneyla disneyland. she was a nice woman. my sister went to school in washington, d.c. when she was married to the senator. used to go to her house and cook her lunch on sundays and make
6:40 am
her brunch, get away from the school life. >> it was probably the family, the solid family she never had. she had so many different marriages and you were sort of the family. >> yeah, i mean, she had -- you know, she had her own family and things like that. but it was -- it's interaction. richard and elizabeth in our household, they were such a force. >> part of the family. >> they were part of the family. i mean, my father was always jetting off to be with them in rome or wherever and they were part of the family. but you're right, it's always richard and elizabeth. never dick and liz. >> gary springer, thank you very much for sharing your memories. >> thank you. >> elizabeth taylor yesterday died of congestive heart failure at 79. >> uh-huh. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> all right, let's talk a little bit about what's going on in the weather and there's some extreme weather this morning. look at this, a tornado has destroyed six homes and part of a school in western pennsylvania. there's a funnel cloud right there. we understand thankfully there were no injuries. but some scary times yesterday. meanwhile, let's take a look.
6:41 am
there's another funnel cloud at that storm system moving through portions of the northeast down through the mid-atlantic states. some snow, couple of inches outside our houses when we went out and got into our cars to come to work today. and it looks like it's going to be a soggy start to this thursday throughout the northeast. also, that pacific storm continues to rage all the way from puget sound down through southern california. meanwhile, as you head out the door today, right now, we've got 53 in raleigh and 59 in atlanta and 50 in memphis. that's good. not so good in chicago where they got 27. 14 in minneapolis. and only 26 in rapid city. now, later on today, things are going to warm up a bit. 45 in new york city. almost 70 beautiful degrees in raleigh durham. 66 in atlanta and then right along the gulf coast, looks like temperatures will be in the upper 70's. they'll have some 80's, approaching 90's through much of texas. all right, and it's a quick look at the fox travelcast. now over to brian kilmeade.
6:42 am
>> every intern has a choice. do sports or do weather with steve or sports with me. niki wisely chose sports with me. niki did a wonderful job as one of our outstanding interns from auburn. did you enjoy yourself? >> absolutely. loved it. >> must have been fun studying under steve each and every day as well as the crew. you have chosen sports. you have two stories. >> sure do. >> ready to go? >> i am ready. >> here's niki. >> it was raining when barry bonds arrived for his perjury trial yesterday and things only got stormier once testimony began. baseball slugger's childhood friends and former business partner stopped short of seeing he's seen bonds use steroids but he did tell jurors he could place bonds, his trainer and a syringe in the same place at the same time. he also said he noticed bonds' hands and feet getting bigger over the years. the trial continues today. vice president joe biden showing some love for pinstripes.
6:43 am
he visited the new york yankees spring training camp in tampa with florida senator bill nelson. biden met manager joe gerardy and some of the players before the game against the toronto blue jays on george steinbrenner field. unfortunately for the jays, their bus was delayed so they missed the visit. >> that's it. what do you want to do next? >> sportscasting. >> you want to be a sportscast sner>> next erin andrews. >> good job, niki. thanks for putting in all the extra time at work. you can talk with steve and gretch. >> steve and gretch, back to you. >> she did so good at pitching news stories in the meeting. you never know, niki. good luck. >> thank you. >> good job. straight ahead, 13 illegal immigrants busted crossing the border wearing american marine uniforms. is this a wake-up call for the obama administration to secure our borders? what do you think? arizona county sheriff paul babo joins us next.
6:44 am
>> who should play john mccain in the movie version of his life? john harris or clint eastwood? we'll tell you who has been cast to play the maverick.
6:45 am
6:46 am
6:47 am
>> hey, you're going to love this story. 13 illegal mexican immigrants are in custody after they're caught crossing the u.s. border illegally but it's what they were wearing that is frightening, disturbing and noteworthy. they all had on marine corps uniforms and were driving a van with a stolen u.s. government license plate. joining me now is pinal county, arizona sheriff paul babeu. how disturbing is this story and unique in your perspective? >> it's pretty disturbing. it's not so unique. all americans, we love our marines but they stole these -- these illegals and these two u.s. citizens who snuck into the
6:48 am
united states, u.s. marine corps uniforms and they all had the name perez written on them. so that's a clue for us in law enforcement and the border patrol did a tremendous job. they recognized a fake license plate that was actually stolen from the marines in yuma and it was affixed to a privately owned van and this was usually past the muster for most cops on patrol or even border patrol. good work here found this out. >> what's really disturbing is that they were actually a paramilitary unit. they would have been a lot more -- lot more resourceful probably went the extra mile to make themselves almost undetectable. >> right. here's just illegals entering illegally, yeah, imagine when we know the 9/11 commission warned us to great lengths about sleeper cells coming into the united states and we know the majority of people coming in through the border in mexico, coming undetected.
6:49 am
that's a problem and it's a national security threats. just not illegal immigration issue. >> sheriff, the message is we're in two wars or three wars, even though we can't call it that. you want the attention on the border. that's what you're in the middle of. >> absolutely. when we have 214,000 illegals that came in just last year here in arizona, the border patrol admits another 400,000 came in undetected. and 20% of them have a criminal record, 20% of them are otm's other than mexicans and then we have people from countries of interest and this is what's most disturbing. so i served in iraq. and i believe in that mission. but we're in two, now three wars or conflicts or whatever the president wants to call it. and yet, we still have an unsecured border when the violence in mexico is off the charts and it's spilling into the united states. got to secure that border. >> hope you get to question these guys. thank you so much for your service and your insight. >> thanks, brian. >> as we move ahead, this is
6:50 am
what's ahead. imagine your daughter is ranked on the internet smut list. well, that happened to one mom. and now she wants to know who's behind this filth? her story next. used to shed pounds by stars like j. low, now princess-to-be kate middleton is rumored to be on it. more on the diet. did i say that right? nothing beats the taste of honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. it's full of sun ripened strawberries. and 10 grams of whole grain per serving. mmmm delicious! nothing's better than honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. ♪ na, na-na, na [ men ] ♪ hey, heyhey ♪ goodbye [ fshing ] ♪
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6:53 am
>> welcome back, everyone. celebs are reportedly using it to stay slim and trim. what is it? it's the dukan diet and promises to melt pounds away in a matter of weeks. is it safe? dr. marc siegel from our medical a team is here. good morning, doctor. dukan diet, it seems like we have a new trend every week. what's this diet? >> the first problem is too
6:54 am
many of these diets are fads. the british dietetic association calls this one of the five worst diets of 2011. i would watch out even if i was about to get married, celebrity marriage, i would watch out about this. >> the thing is it apparently works in the first week, i've heard claims of seven pounds to lose in just five days so you start with phase one which is the attack. what is that? >> by the way, any time you really restrict carbohydrates like this, it's gonna work and i like that it has a lot of water in it at the beginning. the problem is it cuts out fruits and vegetables and fruits and vegetables are an important source of vitamins, dietary fiber is the most important thing they provide. if you cut them out, you can end up with nutritional deficiencies and vitamin deficiencies and it's a big stress on your liver and kidneys. >> for the first week, you eat a lot and eat as much lean protein as you want and like you say, no vegetables. >> the body will turn it into calories if you want to. you don't want them to do that. >> the second stage, they let you eat some vegetables.
6:55 am
>> some vegetables but don't let you eat peas and carrots. you can drink wine, by the way. since it's french they let you drink wine. what about carrots that have carotine in them that's a terrific antioxidant. how can you cut that out? >> phase three is consolidation, you're putting stuff together and you can have protein and veggies together? >> yeah, exactly but they really are cutting down on the amount of fruits that you can eat and again, fruits have dietary fiber in it. they love oat bran. it is great for you. can you imagine eating only oat bran? what about the fruits? they let you eat only one fruit a day. not enough. maybe if you're a diabetic. >> final phase. stage 4 is stabilization. that means to keep you on the same even par. this is how you live your life eventually. >> yeah, but it's kind of a country squire life. you only walk 20 minutes a day. if they want you to lose weight, let's emphasize exercise. this has almost no exercise in
6:56 am
it, this diet and basically you can eat whatever you want during the consolidation phase so people that have taken this diet gain the weight right back. there's no science behind this diet. where's the study? >> but there are celebs. no science but there are celebs. it worked for them and maybe it will work for me. >> no wonder it sells millions of copies of books. that's the way to sell science. it is not science. >> he does not give it a ringing endorsement. >> exactly. >> good to see you, gretch. keeping an eye on this incredible story. a driver trapped in the cab. check out this video. that's the driver's truck. hanging over a bridge. then a new fox poll says 51% of american voters consider themselves conservative. why does jerry springer say we're a country of liberals? he's here live to explain. we wiped the slate clean.
6:57 am
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>> top of the morning to you. it's thursday, march 24th. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you so much for sharing your time today. let me tell you what's happening. coalition air strikes reportedly hit one of qaddafi's military bases. this is tripoli. this as rebel forces are said to be regrouping, though. a live report from libya just moments away. >> and u.s. actions in libya are raising questions on whether we're officially at war. sarah palin wants to know why the president isn't saying so. >> real leadership and this needs to come from our president, real leadership is a president who will seek to be informed and seek to inform the american public. >> that would be interesting maybe address from the oval office. what is the plan in libya? we'll explore and expand on it. >> and asleep at the switch in that control tower at reagan national in washington, d.c., why two passenger planes had to land without guidance from the
7:01 am
control tower and what is being done about it this morning. "fox & friends" hour two for a thursday starting right now. >> good morning, everyone. hope you're having a fantastic thursday. this morning, we have to begin with the fox news alert out of fort worth, texas. take a look at these incredible live pictures now coming into us here at fox. this is an 18 wheeler you're about to see in a moment dangling over a ramp on interstate 20 in fort worth. firefighters using a ladder to reach the cab and to get the driver out. he has been hospitalized but his condition is unknown. accident caused when the truck slammed into a car. we're keeping an eye on this developing situation and we'll bring you more details as they happen. >> that's one lucky driver. >> that's one lucky driver and one scary wake-up call this morning. also, we're getting our very
7:02 am
first look inside now. the plant in japan, these photos show workers trying to make repairs there. three of the workers we exposed to radiation while doing electrical work there. two of them now in the hospital. and then over to tokyo, now rationing toilet paper, rice and water after officials admitted that iodine is in the tap water twice the level that are safe for babies fortunately while you were sleeping, a massive dangerous fire burned out of control at one of the busiest airports in the country. miami international. this video shows the flames raging at a fuel tank farm there. the fire broke out around 11:00 p.m. last night. teams of firefighters were racing against the clock pouring water on the flames. the good news in all of this, they did put the fire out but travelers can expect some delays today as investigators try to figure out how this could actually happen. 'tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. >> that's my saying. >> that's unless you're a woman.
7:03 am
yep. that's right. a new study shows women regret lost loves twice as much as men do. >> really? >> the same study shows men regret work-related decisions more than anything else. >> uh-huh. >> and those are your headlines. >> to me, that's a matter of who you lost and who you had. >> that's too deep! >> you know what i mean? i run deep. >> and i thought this all came down to your beer choice. wasn't that -- >> it was. i started with beer choice. >> me, i regret not buying apple at $2 a share. >> that's ok. but you sold yahoo so you're all right. >> yeah. now to libya where we have new amateur video just in of bombs going off. one in particular. >> watch this. no details of exactly where this explosion happened or if anybody is hurt. more signs qaddafi may be planning an exit strategy. rick leventhal has been covering this story since it broke from the rebel perspective and joins
7:04 am
us now on the phone from benghazi. how are things there today? >> benghazi relatively quiet but to the south of us about 95 miles south, we're hearing some real horror stories of qaddafi army troops in control of the city taking off their uniforms, breaking into homes, kidnapping people, using them as human shields, driving around in private cars and shooting at residents. a real bad situation obviously. they're in control of that town and the tanks are blocking -- >> ok. we just lost the signal from rick leventhal. he was talking about the tanks. we do know as well that tanks rolled in and continued to shell near a hospital at least 16 people were killed yesterday. by snipers. also, new air strikes on the qaddafi compound. remember that's the one where a couple of cruise missiles slammed into it a couple of nights ago. >> right, i will add this.
7:05 am
everybody is saying who in the rebels -- what would they do if they got control of the country? it turns out the rebel council has named a would-be leader. muhammad gabril, he has his doctorate from the university of pittsburgh and spent a considerable amount of time in london. he's emerged as the temporary leader should the rumors be true and qaddafi mulling an exit from his country. >> what's significant about that particular guy. that's the guy that talked to hillary clinton and convinced her to go in and institute -- get the president, of course, to institute this no-fly zone. >> major massacre was about to happen. >> and it did. foreign minister in libya reaching out, apparently, in a fox news exclusive to our own state department here in the united states. so is there some sort of a mission under way to get qaddafi out of the country? are they asking now for help to do that? at the same time, there seems to be so many mixed messages about where actually the united states stands on this mission. is it a war? is it kinetic action as it was
7:06 am
called yesterday? what is it? listen to these mixed messages. >> qaddafi's presence -- continued presence in libya is something that has got to end. >> it's time for qaddafi to go. >> it is u.s. policy that qaddafi needs to go. >> this is not about going -- going after qaddafi himself. >> what's in our interest, again, is working with the international community to stop an urgent humanitarian crisis and then working over time through a set of pressure tools with a broad coalition to increasingly isolate and put pressure on qaddafi. >> that broad coalition keeps getting narrower and narrower and he may have to go. he shows no sign of that. in the meantime, he says it's a humanitarian problem but if rick leventhal was just talking about, how these guys are going from house to house on the streets. taking off their uniform and killing people. that simply is not good. what's the administration going to do? >> well, right now, it's turning into a partisan issue. now you have the speaker of the house, john boehner on capitol
7:07 am
hill writing a letter to the president as he returned from vacation, basically, ripping his mission in libya. here's what he says. it is regrettable that no opportunity was afforded to consult with congressional leaders as was the custom of your predecessors before your decision as commander in chief to deploy into combat the men and women of our armed forces. well, that's because it's not officially war. if you look at how the spokesperson yesterday answered the questions about whether or not this was war, the term was given kinetic military action. so if it's -- if it's kinetic military action, then you don't need congressional approval. >> he's got no political cover because he never went to our politicians. he never went to congress. he briefed people about what he's doing. he never consulted them and this is a u.n. -- and this is what's in the letter. speaker boehner's letter, he said, you know, the u.n. security council resolution does not substitute for a political and military strategy. this is the first time the u.n.
7:08 am
security council actually set the groundwork for us to take action without congress taking leave. he has questions about do we know which partners are taking the lead? are there clear lines of authority? the answer is no and no. we're supposed to be out saturday. >> i think those questions are fair. i think it's fair to ask do we have a mission? do we have -- ok, we have a no-fly zone, that's clear. do we actually have a mission? do we know how we're going to get rid of qaddafi? what i don't think is not fair is criticize the president for now finally taking action and saying, well, he should have done this two weeks ago or whatever the case is. whether or not there's a mission, fair criticism. >> well, it would have been -- it would have been great while they had the chance and there were still more rebels alive if they would have intervened quickly but what boehner and others are angry about is the consultation with congress. and in fact, next week, apparently, the house foreign affairs committee is going to look into the whole business of not consulting with congress. meanwhile, governor sarah palin was on with greta van susteren
7:09 am
last night and what she said in this situation what we really need is a leader. >> real leadership, this comes from our president, it's a president who will seek to be informed and seek to inform the american public. let us know what's going on, let us judge for ourselves based on the information that he's able to provide us, not heading out, letting one advisor say one thing and secretary of state saying something else. we need some cohesive and coordinated and consistent policy. >> and governor palin just basically on a world tour. just fresh out of israel. went over to india and that's what a lot of people are urging her to do. that seems to be as governor huckabee lays the groundwork with his book, governor palin seems to be laying the groundwork for international street cred. >> if you think you're safe to fly, wait until you hear this story. two planes forced to land at one of the nation's busiest airports
7:10 am
without any guidance from the air traffic controller. apparently the controller was asleep on the job. sherry lee live for us now at reagan national airport in washington, d.c. with the very latest. good morning to you. >> good morning. talk about a very dangerous situation. as a result of what happened, transportation secretary ray lahood has ordered that there be at least two controllers in the tower here at reagan national airport on that midnight shift. those two planes you can think about it were essentially flying blind. the person in the tower apparently asleep. this happened around midnight early wednesday morning. the two airplanes, american airlines flight 1012 from miami and united airlines flight 628 from chicago had 165 passengers and crew on board. they were minutes from landing on approach to the airport but when they radioed the tower, no one responded. the lone controller in the tower was m.i.a. according to the associated press, the problem was the f.a.a. supervisor who was supposed to be on duty fell
7:11 am
asleep. you can hear the audio transmission from the pilot after repeatedly trying to reach someone in the tower. they were forced to land without clearance. >> a passenger on that miami inbound plane did notice the pilot told the passengers what was going on and on those audio transmissions you can hear one of the pilots after landing say that was a close call. that's the latest here in d.c. back to you. >> inexcusable. thanks, sherry. appreciate it. >> somebody's in trouble. >> yeah, someone is looking for a job today hopefully. the president doesn't seem to have a clear plan in libya. but what about syria? what about bahrain? what about yemen? our panel debates the issue next. >> then a fox news poll says 51% of american voters consider
7:12 am
themselves conservative. so why does jerry springer say we're a country of liberals? he's here to explain shortly. he's controversial! he's jerry! úú:moñ[5@ñmw [ bob ] i'd love to build bird houses for the rest of my life. so i've got to take care of my heart. for me cheerios is a good place to start. [ male anuncer ] to keep doing what you love, take re of your heart with cheerios. the whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. love your heart so yo can do what you love.
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7:15 am
>> muammar qaddafi's forces are said to be rolling back from two key cities in libya as rebels try to regroup. meantime, america's involvement in the crisis is raising questions about whether we're at war or not. it seems real and the tanks really do blow up. with violence flaring in other parts of the mideast like syria, yemen and bahrain, will the u.s. become involved in those conflicts as well? let's ask our political panel, two of the best. fox news contributor judy miller and juan williams. welcome to both of you. let's bring up libya. the right way forward here, judith. >> i think the right way forward is the way we're going forward which is finally, finally, we've got a no fly zone and as his troops are being
7:16 am
bombed, qaddafi's forces are pulling back which is exactly what was supposed to happen. we're just about two weeks too late. >> hope not too late, right, juan? >> well, you know, the idea that we're too late, i think, comes from the notion that somehow if we'd done it earlier, we could have saved lives and maybe helped the rebels to oust qaddafi but the fact is that we didn't have a coalition in place and i think that multinational approach is the right one given that we're already in two wars and the strains on our military. the military has been reluctant to get involved here. i would agree with judith miller that right now, it's a good idea although we still see people dying in fighting on the ground. >> although this is the most disjointed coalition since the 1977 yankees. but we'll continue on that. let's talk about yemen and move on. maybe there wouldn't have been this brutal violence in yemen had we acted sooner in libya. but that's what we're looking at, really the carnage, am i right, judith, as the government there was shooting the protesters and now they're
7:17 am
looking at multiple defectors from generals and tank divisions. this is heading towards a civil war. what's our best way forward? >> i think on this one, we just have to stay out of it. there's very little we can do to help him, the fact of the matter is he's been there a long time. he knows his country. if he can't hold this together, we can't hold it together for him. he is important because as you know, al-qaida is present in that country. we don't want it to fall apart. but i think there are military people around him who are willing to hold the country together. >> we like this guy. or at least we deal with this guy. how do we handle it? >> well, you know, i agree, you know, he's our guy in terms of fighting the terrorists which is our national interest and i think in all these countries we're discussing this morning, you have to come back time and again to what's in our interest. in bahrain, for example, it's not in our interest to see the government unseeded because we have military presence there. we have a relationship. their geopolitical positioning puts them in a place that we
7:18 am
don't want to see them destablized. that's too much to ask. >> bahrain, your verdict on yemen is let it happen. now, when you segued without my permission, by the way, juan, to bahrain, you have a position where we're supporting a king who the saudis support who the saudis are militarily supporting who took down a shiite symbol. this is really dangerous, right? >> it's a dangerous situation but this king is not a murderer. he's a guy who has done very, very well for his people. let's face it, we are tied to this king and if we don't back this king, the saudis will have us for lunch. >> can we back this king and make him democratic reforms? and that's the question. move on to syria. this is probably the most impactful. if we could get syria to have some -- to have a revolution in syria, we'd like that, right, juan? >> we'd love it! but, i mean syria flip-flops and they go back and forth. they've been at times allies and other times not. money has been funneled from iran through syria in terms of a lot of the terrorism that goes
7:19 am
on on, you know, in terms of the palestinians so this is -- we would love some regime change there but again, that's really dangerous being right next to israel. >> listen, forget about that. there's four major cities having the no fear protests, they're standing up to their brutal government and about 15 people lost their lives yesterday. >> i know. it's really extraordinary. every time the syrians have stood up to fight the assad government, they have been crushed. but the fact of the matter is, juan is right, there's very little we can do about it except stop trying to engage, engage, engage. after a while, you have to say you know, they really don't want to engage with us. they want to stay with iran. cut our losses. work through the israelis on this one. >> kids, rip up your social studies book. it's a brand new ballgame in the middle east. thanks so much for analyzing for us, judy miller and juan williams, we appreciate it. >> thanks for the yankee update. >> that was a look back, actually. meanwhile, straight ahead, a sickening story. it happened in high school right
7:20 am
in long island. high school girls ranked on the internet a smut list. hear from one mom whose daughter made the list. she wants to know who is behind the filth and how it destroyed her high school years. and who should play john mccain in a movie? ed harris, steve doocy, clint eastwood, who is being cast to play the maverick. you make the call. the challenge jobs. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
>> 23 minutes after the top of the hour. couple of quick headlines for you. major security breach at a federal building in detroit. a suspicious package with a bomb inside, for three weeks. bomb squad finally removed the package and eventually scanned it and now the f.b.i. is trying to figure out who sent it. and the hollywood reporter says actor ed harris is going to be
7:24 am
the guy to play the maverick, john mccain in that upcoming hbo tv movie. it's based on the book "game change." about the 2008 election. do you think he's the right guy? let us know. steve? >> thanks, gretch. he should be good. meanwhile, cyber bullying takes an even more sinister turn. listen to this. after a group of high school girls 100 in all, some as young as 14 are put on a so-called internet smut list. a principal from one of the schools says they're working with police to find out who is behind this. >> for any youngster who was involved in doing it, you deserve the consequences that will come to you and i can tell you, if it's within this school, we will press this to the fullest extent. >> angela vacaro's 15-year-old daughter was on the list and joins us live today here in new york. >> good morning. >> when did your daughter tell the family there was this list floating around on the blackberry messenger and she was on it?
7:25 am
>> as soon as she got the bbm, i believe last tuesday night. >> it was called a smut list with 100 girls' names. some as young as 14. i understand your daughter is 15. just a freshman in high school and this has landed on her reputation. >> that's exactly -- it's not good. >> it's not good. what -- you went to the school and other parents went to the school. what did the school say? >> i didn't personally go up to the school. i knew he was handling it. he plans on pressing charges if it's a student in our district to the fullest extent. i haven't heard much about it. you know, since -- it's calmed down some. but not much. >> you know, we hear about their stories all the time, angela, about cyber bullying and we think, oh, that's one of those things that happened but then when it happens to somebody in your family, it's like how dare you. whoever you are. and that's the problem. you don't know who did this.
7:26 am
>> that's the whole problem. and i would like to know why. why would you do that? why would you do that to somebody -- i didn't know if my daughter knows him, her, who it is. it's something that is just really sick. right here. stuck in my stomach and i'm just sick over it. >> ever since i heard this story, i felt the same way because, you know, as parents we try to protect our kids and protect them at our house, we protect them outside of the house but when it comes to the internet, because it's so anonymous in so many ways, what can we do? >> we go to the authorities and hope they're going to find out who did this. i'm hoping they're going to find out who did this. >> no kidding. i understand that something like 7,000 times this particular list was viewed or looked at. has your daughter's high school been ruined? >> no. i don't think it's been ruined. we have a really good administration as far as things
7:27 am
like this go. i mean, the principal is on top of it. and i have total faith on him that he is going to do what's best for the students. >> i love the advice you gave your daughter. you told her to go back to school and do what? >> hold her head high. if anybody says anything to you, keep walking down the hall. if it gets too intense, call me. that's what i told my daughter. >> how is he doishe doing? >> she's doing fantastic. she's holding her head high and doing what she has to do and i'm very, very proud of her. >> we're proud of her as well. that's got to be tough. >> it is. it's very tough. very tough. >> well, we're going to keep an eye on this and figure out who exactly is behind it because it is awful and it could happen to any family out there. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right. what do you think about that? e-mail us right now, friends at meanwhile, straight ahead on the rundown, governor chris christie's school budget cuts hit a setback.
7:28 am
they've been called unconstitutional. what's that about? why former new york city schools chancellor joel klein says the judge acted without the facts. and why does jerry springer think america is a liberal country? he's live in our studio when we come back. [ giggles ] hey, max. [ announcer ] you can help significantly extend your dog's healthy years. a groundbreaking 14-year study by purina... proves that puppy chow, then dog chow nutrition, fed properly over a lifetime, can help extend his lovable antics up to 1.8 healthy years. long live your buddy. [ laughs ] oh, max. long live your dog. purina dog chow. double dog dare you to try better-tasting than ever purina dog chow. we know your dog will love it. your advertising mail campaign is paying o! business is good! it must be if you're doing all that overnight shipping. that must cost a fortune. it sure does. well, if it don't have get there ovnight, you can save a lot with priority mail flat re envelopes. one flat rate to any state, just $4.95.
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now, i was on vacation last week and a few days this week and many people thought i was actually relaxing somewhere. you know, laying on a beach or something like that. nope, here's me inside of the cockpit of the u.s. airways flight. i learned how to become a pilot. >> you landed a plane? oh, my god! >> i landed the plane when those air traffic controllers in d.c. were missing. not only did i learn how to fly but i did it without any air traffic control help at all. >> let me take over. amazing. even had the leather jacket on. i kind of look the part, don't i? >> you really do. >> a little bit. >> set the scene here. so the pilot on the u.s. airways flight was nice enough to say hey, i recognize you from "fox & friends", such and such. he asked if i'd like to come to the cockpit. >> and then he sat in your seat. >> exactly. here's the thing, if i can't do the controls, i found two other people who would be brilliant at flying an airplane! >> co-pilot, first -- >> my kids. >> fantastic! >> they got an experience of a lifetime, too.
7:33 am
thank you so much for that nice pilot and co-pilot at u.s. airways. >> for everybody on u.s. airways, sorry, you were 20 minutes late. >> everybody gets wings. >> that's cool. >> it was fun for me. >> great. you would say fly u.s. airways. >> i guess i would. >> good job. gretchen, glad you're back. start with headlines now and we start with an alert. fort worth, texas, incredible live pictures coming in right now, the driver of this 18-wheeler dangling over a ramp on interstate 20. firefighters, well, they rushed him to the hospital and rescuers are still trying to determine if there's anyone still in the cab who was also involved in the wreck. a car that was involved in the wreck. traffic is being diverted while the mess is cleaned up and the cause is determined. we're keeping an eye on this developing situation and bring you details as they happen. rush hour starting soon. >> sure. meanwhile, rush hour is going to be slow in portions of the northeast and weatherwise, we
7:34 am
seem to be suffering from a confusion. >> hot summer. >> i know that! >> summertime tornado is being blamed for wrecking six houses in pennsylvania. look at these images, no injuries have been reported. high winds left their mark in california and tennessee and nebraska as well. these pictures out of williams, california. and several inches of snow fell in the dakotas yesterday. also in new york and new jersey and michigan, and connecticut, also getting snow. but it isn't that unusual for snow to hit the north in march, of course. just one of those things. >> well, defense secretary robert gates arrives in israel this hour to meet with defense minister baraq. this will happen in tel aviv. it comes hours after israel hit a series of air strikes in the gaza strip. it's retaliation for a dozen bombings in jerusalem. one woman died and 20 people
7:35 am
were injured. they are blaming palestinian militants for the attack. >> you have three texas men indicted on federal gun and conspiracy charges after officials link them to a gun used in the shooting death of the border patrol agent. the man was being accused of lying to a dealer so they could buy guns for the mexican drug gang believed responsible for his death. according to the indictment, 27-year-old iraq and afghanistan veteran, his 22-year-old brother and a neighbor are accused of buying at least 10 guns they intended on passing off to others. >> meanwhile, howard stern suing sirius xm radio. the self-proclaimed king of all media says the company owes him millions of dollars in bonuses and stock as well. the suit comes three months after stern reportedly renewed his five year contract with sirius for $1 billion. apparently not enough. he's owed more. >> so odd, we actually settled on the same number. >> speaking of a guy who made a
7:36 am
billion dollars a year. jerry springer joins us live. >> tough to get by, i'll tell you. >> on that limited amount of cash, right? >> by the way, great flying. >> thank you. you would fly with me, wouldn't you? >> believe me, i would fly with you. >> and we're not in an airplane either. >> uh-oh. >> all natuight. >> let's move on to politics. you've been on the record as saying you believe america is a liberal country. >> yeah. i think we often vote conservative. i think we give conservative speeches. but when we live our everyday lives even if you go to the most conservative neighborhood of america, our kids, whatever, whatever our social issues are, we are -- you take a look at us today compared to 20 years ago, 30 years ago, we are far more liberal. every one of the cultural issues. >> in what? >> i'll give you an example. 20 years ago, when i started my show, i did a show on interracial dating and there were protesters outside of the studio. now we have a president who is the son of an interracial
7:37 am
marriage. when you look at what people watch, the television they watch, the movies they go to, their dating habits. you remember when, i think his name was ginsburg was up for the supreme court and they found out that when he was in college, he had once smoked marijuana and that disqualified him. today, you know, we don't think about that. we haven't made it in most places anymore legal but it's not much of an issue. you talk to kids today and their lifestyles are so much more liberal whether you're talking about gays, whether you're talking about racial relations, of course. but we give conservative speeches. >> do you think it's good on every front, though, to have that liberal point of view especially with the way we raise our kids? let's look at this poll right now, actually disagrees with what you say. 51% of americans right now consider themselves conservative. >> you're right! >> i don't disagree with that. i think we say we're conservative but when you look at how we live, we kind of wink. for example, you'll say well, i'm against gay rights or something like this, you know, that's wrong.
7:38 am
god meant for us -- etc. and then you find out your own son or daughter is gay, all of a sudden, you know, you kind of tone it down a bit and you don't talk about that so much. then you take a look at what's going on in your own family. you may have had certain views but all of a sudden, your kids are living a different way and you become a little more accepting of that. that's what i'm saying. we give conservative speeches but to look at america today and to say how we live, even in the most conservative neighborhoods is not more liberal, it's -- it's just not believable when you see how people live. >> tell me if this is taking you off course. i think we continue to evolve as a society. you realize things just we continue to grow as a society. >> yes. >> and because you grow as a society doesn't mean you leave the conservative school of thought. for example, i don't really think conservatives would be against interracial dating per se as a mantra. >> if you look at 30, 40, 50 years ago, there's no question. in fact, even if you talk about
7:39 am
politics, the democrats lost the south when the civil rights bill was passed. johnson said we won't win it for the next two generations and he was absolutely right. conservatives have forth -- let's be honest. >> you know the civil rights bill doesn't get passed without republican support. >> i'm not talking republican, democrat. it was conservative democrats that fought against it. it's not political party. i am saying that when you talk about civil rights, whatever the issue is, we're much more liberal. >> and you are very liberal guy. and you've been liberal for a very long time. that's why it surprised some people that you came to the defense of former governor sarah palin. >> yeah, i like her. i disagree with her but i don't dislike people because they have opposing points of view. and i don't think we ought to be picking on sarah palin. >> look what bill maher did to her within the last week or so. >> in fairness, these people are comedians. they rip everybody. >> that's what they always stand behind is when they -- >> it's true and i'm saying -- >> i'm saying they're often
7:40 am
politically correct and you and i might not say things like that or may not say it in public or whatever but, you know, we can go down the list the kind of jokes that have been made about all policy. look at all the jokes that were made about bill clinton. were some over the top? of course, so i don't think we can take everything a comedian says because once and a while, they go over the line. >> let's go back to why you're civil about it. many of the liberals when they hear the two words, sarah palin, they go bombastic. they go nutso. what is it about that? why do they do that? >> because i think they really, really disagree with that and we get so personal in our politics that when we disagree with someone, we start thinking everything about them is bad. and i can say it's the same way about some conservatives who hate barack obama. they just go crazy when they mention, you know -- >> and george bush and back and forth. >> yeah. >> congratulations, i can see sitting here why you're such a success as a talk show host. you can talk about anything. 20 years. 20 years as a -- with your show. >> i'd like to personally
7:41 am
apologize for that. i'm so sorry. >> a lot of people have been waiting for that apology. >> yeah. >> because you got baggage. you've got baggage. >> i got this -- yeah, i do this other show called "baggage." >> it's a dating show where you come on and you pick one of the three people to go out with and they -- but they have to reveal their baggage during the course of the show. which gives something in their lives which would make you think twice about going out with them. >> questions are asked that are revealing. for instance, what kind of questions? >> give me some baggage. >> well -- >> put us on the hot seat. >> oh, well. this one contestant, you know, she was just beautiful and the guy that chose her was so excited and they were hugging. this is going to be wonderful and then she had to reveal what her baggage was and her baggage was she had been born a man. >> ok. that's -- >> we'll be right back. >> right up my alley or what? >> show was made for me! >> no kidding. on that note, jerry springer,
7:42 am
thank you, thank you so much. always a pleasure to have you here. >> good luck to you. >> and you seem nice. >> he does. >> meanwhile, you won't believe who is coming up next. we're talking about first this, governor chris christie's school budget cuts being called unconstitutional. our next guest ran one of the largest school systems in the country and is world famous for it. so we'll see why former new york city schools chancellor joel klein disagrees. >> because he was just in the hall. and it could be the worst wedding video ever. the man who won a court battle over this video. joins us live from london. >> can't get those pictures back. first, the trivia question of the day. it's pain relief without the pills.
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7:46 am
>> welcome back, everyone. stunning reversal on governor chris christie's budget cuts. a judge has ruled they're unconstitutional. how can he get his cash strapped state back on track? joining me now is former new york schools chancellor joel klein. good morning to you. >> nice to be with you. >> nice to be with you as well. this is sort of a stunning court decision that the judge says look governor christie, you can't make the budget cuts in the schools. where do you think this goes? >> i think this goes to the new jersey supreme court and i hope they sort it out. as a former schools chancellor, i support better funding, higher funding but at a time when the state is in the middle of the budget crisis for the court to get in the middle it was and say we ought to give more money here and less money here, it's not like they can print the money in new jersey. so if you put more money in one area, you're taking by definition more money away. and at a time when the governor and the legislature are trying
7:47 am
to work this out, i would hope ultimately, the courts would give them a chance and keep out of it. >> the thing was that the judge says it's unconstitutional because each school in new jersey has to receive the same amount of money, is that the way you saw it? >> no, but you know, they've been doing this in new jersey. some of the lowest performing schools have been getting a lot more money. they have a case for years called the abbott case. for all the money they poured in, they didn't get any results. if you look at newark and look what's going on in jersey city. at some point, people ought to understand we need real school reform, not just pour money into the problems. more money well spent to be great. more money poorly spent will waste our money. that's what we've been doing not only in new jersey but large parts of the country. >> let's go to new york where he used to be the schools chancellor. now the union, teachers union has spent $2.7 million in advertisements in just the last month or so because they're very angry at mayor bloomberg for what he's trying to do with
7:48 am
teachers, that whole last in or what's the phrase again? >> last in, first out. >> right. >> so let's take a look at one of the ads now that the mayor put out using his own money in defense. >> an education, albany's budget cuts threaten teacher layoffs. bloomberg is working for reforms to help keep the best teachers in the classroom educating our kids. independent, not just for special interest but for all new yorkers. >> what do you think about that? the mayor using his own money. the mayor saying we can't have one side of the story. >> i think it's necessary. let's look at the real issue here. the union has spent almost $3 million on the last in, first out. it's not that they're angry. it's that they're frightened. they're afraid because, you know, the public, they've done poll after poll. the public by 80-15 or something supports ending this last in, first out. union households in new york by 2/3 support any -- and anybody
7:49 am
with any common sense knows it's a bad policy. i mean, does anybody really think you should just reverse engineer and say the last person i hired, whether she's the best teacher or the worst teacher, she goes and somebody has been around for 20 years, whether they're the best or the worst goes. we should keep the best whether they're 20-year veterans or whether they just started. >> but this is the reality that we live in now, mr. klein. is that this is where the unions have gotten so much power that they have the ability to say that. >> i think the people are speaking back to them. that's why they're running ads. if they thought they had so much power, they wouldn't be spending $3 million. i think they're afraid, gretchen and i think they're afraid for a gad reason. the people in america are going to say no more. i want the best teacher for my children. every one of our viewers want the best teacher for our children. i assure you, a rule that says last in, first out is going to hurt that. we know, there's been studies done that show if you do it that way, you're going to hurt kids. you're going to lose great teachers. >> if you do it the opposite way, their education potentially goes up.
7:50 am
always great to get your thoughts especially on education. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> their dream day turned into a big nightmare. we'll hear from the groom. check out this wedding video. it missed key moments like cutting the cake and included people they never have met. and today is march 24, 2011. on this day in history, well, back in 1985, r.e.o. speedwagon had the number one song. that can really help protect you. and v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings. powerful, right? v8. what's your number?
7:51 am
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7:53 am
>> all right. the answer to the question of the day is laura flynn boyle. winner is jeff from florida. congratulations. >> now this story, their big day turned into a big nightmare. look at this video, lots of ankles and trees. a couple's wedding photographer filmed the guests' feet, the
7:54 am
back of their heads and mixed in footage of complete strangers. >> joining us from london is the groom, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> where did you find this videographer because he stunk? >> he did a bit. we saw him at a wedding fair and booked him from that, obviously, no idea of what he was going to eventually be like. >> man. all right and so one of the problems was that he kind of just skipped town on your actual wedding. he left your wedding and went to another one, is that what you found out? >> yeah, he did. he filmed from the bride arriving to the ceremony in the church, stuck around five minutes after he came out to the church and said he was going to give us time with our official photographer to deal with the pictures. and then the day progressed from there. and we didn't see him anywhere so we spoke to our coordinator and said, you know, can you give him a ring and find out where he is. she came back and said he's gone
7:55 am
to another wedding. >> well, here's the thing. he showed up dishevelled with a cut over his eye. he was rude. you knew you were up against it. when the wedding was done, you couldn't catch up to this guy. you had to find him to another wedding and in the end, you got this raw footage. >> that's right. we phoned him. he seemed to have an excuse every time he was in the supermarket, we went to the studio to be told it wasn't edited and ready yet. and in the end, i said look, we need our video. months have gone by. and he said well, you can pick it up from me tomorrow. i'll be at someone else's wedding. come and collect it there. we had to drive to someone else's wedding at their church to get the dvd and i was saying to him then, you know, it's going to be quite interesting to see what it's like. because -- >> you sued him correct, sir? and you won? >> that's correct, yeah. we actually paid out more in expenses to go to court than we paid for our wedding video.
7:56 am
but we heard stories since how he's done this type of thing to other people. >> what was your point in suing him? many people would want to do this, they don't have the money and don't want to go to the effort. >> we basically complained to the videographer and said we weren't happy. you were there for half the day and the footage you have got isn't acceptable. his e-mail response was read the contract you signed. i have. >> because you don't have any of the images -- you got some bad pictures. you have a choice. martin could either laugh or cry. going forward, what are you going to do? >> well, i'm kind of laughing now because he's been exposed for who he is but luckily, we have some amazing wedding photos that sum up and capture the day. >> and you love your life. it's never about the video. although it would be great to love your wife and have a video. >> yeah. >> thanks so much and good job taking action. >> ok. great. >> we move ahead. >> thanks. >> i think he was going to say
7:57 am
tally-ho. and flip-flops. that's what we're going to talk about now. back in 2007, biden threatened impeachment. michelle malkin with her thoughts on that topic. destined to shape our future. the jaguar xj. automobile magazine's 2011 design of the year.
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than the bmw 7-series or mercedes s-class... making the decision to own a jaguar just arational as it is emotional. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. hope you're having a great thursday, it's march 24, 2011. i'm gretchen carlson. the rebels in libya found their man? yep. educated in the u.s. and former gadhafi advisor. now that they have a leader, is it time for the dictator to go? a live report from the battle zone coming up. >> steve: copingman anthony wiener of new york has always been a staunch supporter of obamacare. >> wrote the bill, the bill and i were one. >> steve: the bill and i are one. but now just one year later, mr. wiener is looking for a way out. what gives? michelle malkin is here coming up shortly. >> brian: and is donald trump
8:01 am
wrong for saying this? >> why doesn't he show his birth certificate? you know what? i wish he would. >> brian: wait until you hear what she said. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. so much to tell you about in our final hour here of "fox & friends" today. we'll kick it off with headlines because we have a fox news alert out of fort worth, texas. look at these live pictures coming in right now. if you're just waking up, the driver of this 18 wheeler gangling over a after on interstate 20. firefighters just rushed him to the hospital. rescuers still trying to get two people out of the car that that tractor-trailer hit. traffic is being diverted while the rescue continues. overseas, britain is pulling its embassy officials out of
8:02 am
yemen because of increased security concerns. a skeleton crew will stay behind. antigovernment protests are expected to become more violent this week despite an emergency order banning them. the president of yemen under more pressure now to resign. the head of yemen's top tribe says it's time for him to go. federal officials cracking down on air traffic control procedures after a controller fell asleep on the job. u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood now calling for at least two air traffic controllers to man the overnight shifts. a controller at reagan national airport in dc reportedly nodded off, leaving two planes to call another air traffic control center for guidance before they landed. >> american 1900, so you're aware, the tower is apparently not manned. we made a few phone calls, nobody is answering. two phone calls went in in the past 15 minutes. >> gretchen: wow. how would you like to find out
8:03 am
if you're on that plane? both planes did land safely. fans of elizabeth taylor paying tribute at her star on the hollywood walk of fame. she died yesterday, she was 79 years old. her former husband retired virginia senator john warner also remembering the actress. >> may i say on behalf of myself, my children and the children of elizabeth's family, thank you for all the heartfelt condolences that you've expressed for this iconic figure in the history of her profession. >> gretchen: the cleopatra star began her career at three years old. she later won three academy awards. tmz is reporting she will be laid to rest in a crypt next to her parents in westwood memorial park cemetery in los angeles. those are your headlines. >> steve: all right. now to libya. new amateur video of a bomb going off.
8:04 am
look at this. details are few on exactly where the explosion appeared or if anyone was hit. but we know the violence showing no signs of slowing down. rick leventhal has been in the thick of things and joins us now from benghazi. rick? >> good morning, steve. a lot going on across the country, including here in benghazi where a new interim leader has been selected. he's a life long academic. he was educated in part in the u.s. and cairo in political science and strategic planning. worked briefly under gadhafi, but never really saw eye to eye with the gadhafi government. he will now pick minister, like a health minister, et cetera. former cabinet, but they're a long way from running this country because of this ongoing
8:05 am
violence. south of us, about 95 miles south of benghazi, strategic city, there are reports that the libyan troops, gadhafi troops have taken off uniforms and have gone house to house and are kidnapping people and using them as human shields and firing weapons from civilian vehicles as they drive around the city. we can't confirm that. last report was that gadhafi tanks and armor and troops were staged around the city and keeping rebel fighters from getting in. rebel fighters tell us that they believe within the next few days, they can retake that area. another trouble spot, we heard reports of air strikes. we've heard reports of tanks in the city and snipers, gadhafi snipers killing civilians there as well. then in tripoli, we heard about bombs going off, attacks on gadhafi's base there. we've also heard that a member of gadhafi's government has reached out to a member of the u.s. government. possibly exploring ways for gadhafi to leave.
8:06 am
guys. >> steve: all right. rick leventhal. thank you for the very latest. >> brian: this could be a big day. we know it's good for our show when we bring in michelle malkin. welcome back. >> thanks for having me back. >> brian: the whole libya campaign came down, we're not supposed to say war. kinetic military action. we're not supposed to use the term war. what does it say about president obama's foreign policy? >> not anything we don't already know. it's simply underscores an exclamation point to the very basic notion that this administration has no core governing principles. it used to be that the obama administration promised that it was going to restore america's place in the world. it's hard to do that when you're all over the bloody map and that's where we've been with this libya policy. appeasement, aggress depression
8:07 am
and vascillation the next. it's foreign policy by ouija board and it's not gaining us any respect around the globe. >> gretchen: is it fair to criticize the president for finally taking action? because wasn't it conservatives who were saying for weeks, hey, why is he not taking action? then he does and he doesn't seem to be able to win the battle, or is your beef really with the idea that there appears to be no solid mission? which one is it? >> well, it's that last thing. of course, people who are demanding action need action that has some sort of coherent end result. that's the part that's missing in this equation with obama's foreign policy. there is no rhyme or reason to how we treat various tyrants around the world. >> steve: sure. speaking of mission -- >> brian: he needs to address the mission. >> congress. >> steve: you're right. politics are obviously clearly involved here. going to play a little sound bite for you. here is the number two guy in
8:08 am
the united states, joe biden, back in 2007, talking about president bush then. let's see how it applies to president obama. listen to this. >> i want to make it clear, and i make it clear to the president that if he gives authorization for war in iran without congressional approval, i will make it my business to impeach him. >> steve: so the current president didn't get congressional approval. so do you think joe biden is going to, in the next staff meeting, say, excuse me, i'm going to take you to impeachment? >> no, that's not likely to happen soon. i love the video. it's just sheriff joe twirling the keys around, swinging around his waist and showing his prolonged constitutional ignorance, it's the house that impeaches presidents. so it was an idle threat anyway. of course he's not going to apply the same standards to bush
8:09 am
that he does his own boss and it's just one of those classic moments from joe biden. he really is the cavernous mine of comedy gold. >> gretchen: speaking of flip flopping, let's talk about congressman wiener from new york. he has been a staunch supporter of obamacare, although he wanted actually to be more -- he wanted it to have the public option. but now he actually is going to be looking for waivers for the state of new york. i thought he liked this thing? >> well, this has now become derigor among obamacare's biggest cheerleaders by being the loudest supporters of waivers to exempt them from the very law that they all lobbies for. we've got unions and many other left wing, nonprofits and companies that had previously supported it. now understanding, as anthony wiener said himself, that they
8:10 am
need these waivers to control their own destiny. >> brian: incredible. especially when you hear anthony wiener earlier talk about this bill that's now law. listen. >> i wrote it. i'm on the committee. i was on 75 hours of markups. we went page by page. i don't know as well as the house bill, we wrote the bill. the bill and i were one. >> brian: now he wants out of the law. that's incredible! >> that's right. for new york city. of course, there are a lot of liberal pounds and liberal northeastern states who have lobbies successfully for these waivers. there are now 1,000 of them that have been granted by the hhs. it's stunning to hear all of these obamacare architects now running as fast as they can from the law that they support. >> steve: trying to jump through a loophole.
8:11 am
you got to update us on your cousin because a while back you told us your cousin was missing. what's the very latest? >> well, it is now day 19 since she went missing. marizela perez, 18 years old, freshman at the university of washington and she disappeared and hasn't been seen or heard from by the family since saturday, march 5 in the university district. we are still pushing for the search. the family has hired a private investigator and i really want to put a web site out there for people who are -- especially in the seattle area because we're still -- we still know there is somebody out there who knows something and we're hoping that they can come forward and help us find her and bring her home safely. it's find i wanted to deliver bottomless thanks on behalf of the family to everyone out there around the country and many fox viewers who have provided a lot of support
8:12 am
and help on the ground for us. thank you. >> steve: keep us posted and we hope we have a good outcome shortly. >> thanks. appreciate it very much. >> steve: we'll see you next week. >> gretchen: with foreclosures crippling the housing market, more americans are turning to short sales to try and get out of debt. but if you don't need the fine print, you could be on the hook for a long, long time. bob massi's lesson in real estate, don't miss it. it's next. >> steve: the always outspoken donald trump shakes it up yesterday on "the view." >> why doesn't he show his birth certificate? you know what? i wish he would. >> steve: wait until you hear what whoopie goldberg at the other end of the couch says to him. >> brian: that man is going to iowa soon. i think he's going to be running. [ female announcer ] treat yourself to something special for lunch.
8:13 am
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>> gretchen: you might be facing foreclosure. so then you might be thinking about a short sale. you better read the fine print or you could be on the hook for a long time. here to get you through the process with some help action fox news legal analyst and real estate expert, bob massi. thank goodness you show up 'cause otherwise i'd have to describe this on my own and it would be problematic. it's very confusing, to say the least. let's once again explain what a short sale is. >> yeah. that just means that a third party has bought your house for less than what you owe. the lender has approved that. if you owe 400,000 and the present value, because of what's happened in our country is 200,000, the lender is willing to accept that $200,000, take that money and let the seller homeowner sell the home. >> gretchen: but you could find yourself in a bit of difficulty if you don't read the fine print. the approval letter ends up being very important. what is the approval letter?
8:17 am
>> yeah. i cannot express it enough to our viewers. what a short sale is approved, you get from the lender an approval letter. that usually goes through the realtor that's representing your position at that time. that approval letter basically says, dear mr. massi, your short sale has been approved for purposes of this transaction. here is the language that's important. remember that difference between what is owed and what the value is. that's the deficiency, which we've talked about before. the language that you and i want to see as a homeowner is that they, that being the lender -- is waiving any and all deficiency that is owed from the difference between the 200 and 400. absent that language, in the short sale approval letter, gretchen, that means that the lender would have the right to go after you for that difference. so it's crucial in the approval letter to make sure that there is that waiver of the deficiency because if there is not, many,
8:18 am
many times i advise people, if you can't get the deficiency waived, you might as well let it go to the foreclosure process because it's a different time period on the deficiency. >> gretchen: very interesting. let's say then that your approval letter does not have the waiving the deficiency. how would it look different? >> it will basically say that we reserve the right to pursue a deficiency against you, the homeowner, unless it is prohibited by law for some reason. now, sometimes you can negotiate that deficiency, gretchen. for example, i've seen lenders that basically said, okay, you owe us $100,000. we will approve this short sale if you contribute 10 or 15 or $20,000 and we'll waive the difference. but very important for our viewers, remember, if it says reserve the right to go after you for the deficiency, that is not in your best interest and you need to talk to your real estate practitioner and say, i
8:19 am
cannot accept this deal. >> gretchen: even though you say lenders are trending toward forgiving the deficiencies, it's always about what's in writing in so many things in life. so you need to be sure that you have that in writing. >> very much so. >> gretchen: all right. thanks so much and this segment will be on our web site later on today if people want to rewatch it and get the information. we'll see you next week. thank you. >> thank you, take care. >> gretchen: coming up, a six figure salary for updating a facebook page? too bad your tax dollars are paying for it. john stossel is here with the outlandish government salaries that he says have got to go. and what do george soros and president obama's trip to brazil have in common? can you say oil? eric bolling will follow the money for us. [ male announcer ] escape convention.
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>> steve: "fox & friends" headlines. big delays are expected at miami international airport because look at this gigantic fire overnight at the airport's fuel tank farm. a few moments ago, firefighters completely extinguished the flames, but fuel service won't be completely restored for a while. officials say umar farouk abdulmutallab, the suspected christmas day underwear bomber bought a ticket to detroit because it was cheaper than houston and chicago. so he might have gone to one of those towns, but they were too much. >> gretchen: interesting.
8:24 am
$115,000 to update a facebook page? sounds like a good job, right? but not when it's being paid for with your tax dollars. >> brian: facebook is important these days. just one of the government jobs that has people in washington fuming and trying to stop the mess. >> there are people who say, we don't make more than the government. this is evidence that they do. two other examples in the peace corps and transportation department, jobs for up to $180,000 to comply with another agency's demand. >> steve: media specialists update facebook, 115,000. administrative position, up to $155,000. department of transportation, add min position, up to $180,000. john, the government argues, look, we've got to pay top dollar to make sure we've got top people in those jobs. >> well, they will always have an argument. but it's not just a reason to lower these salaries. it's a reason to have less
8:25 am
government. the incentives in government will always be to waste money. the first job, that's for the department of indian affairs, bureau of indian affairs. why is there a bureau of indian affairs? there is no bureau of puerto rican affairs or black affairs or irish affairs. and no group in america has been more helped by the government than the american indians, because we have the treaties, we stole their land, but 200 years later, no group does worse. the indians that get out of government management, they thrive in america. >> gretchen: that's interesting because you have a specific example of an indian culture, they started banks. right? and they've had no government help and they're doing much better than anyone else who has had the government help. >> tribe in north carolina and some politicians say they need to be recognized as a tribe, but then you have tribal management, you don't own your land or have private property. individuals on their own do better if government will just butt out. >> brian: what you're forgetting is usually you give up some salary because you get incredible benefits.
8:26 am
>> in government. not anymore. >> brian: now you get more! that's really what we're dealing with. >> it just grows. the founders were geniuses to say limited government. >> steve: can you give me the address? i'd like to apply my daughter in high school for that facebook job. >> she can manage the page. >> brian: must be a great page. >> remember how many forms she'll have to fill out to get that job. it could take a years. >> brian: not if you use the name stossel. you'll cut through the red tape. >> it will take two years. >> brian: every thursday night at 10:00 o'clock. >> tonight! >> brian: tonight. true. tonight. >> gretchen: in three minute, the new jobless numbers will be coming u. are we on the road to recovery or not? eric bolling will break it down. >> and donald trump wants to see the president's birth certificate. >> why doesn't he show his birth certificate? you know what? i wish he would. >> steve: what do you think? we're going to read some of your e-mails coming up next.
8:27 am
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than the bmw 7-series or mercedes s-class... making the decision to own a jaguar just arational as it is emotional. >> gretchen: fox business alert. the labor department just releasing the latest weekly jobless numbers.
8:31 am
many people pay very close attention. here it is. 382,000 first time unemployment claims were filed last week. last week there were 385,000 claims. right around the same number. but i'll let eric bolling talk about that. >> last week it was elevated. the expectation was 365. staying elevated. something that's happened in the week since last time we talked about this number, the japan earthquake, it happened prior to last week's number, but what we're hearing now is some of the supplier, some of the supply change, manufacturing is global now. so some of the things they produce in japan, they may be having problems getting them here, so it may slow down manufacturing and that will hurt the job recovery. you may end up having the stock market recover, but not necessarily the jobs. >> brian: we know toyota lost production of 140,000 cars, including the toyota prius, the mini van that's supposed to roll out. would that affect us here, the toyota plants? >> sure. in fact, gm has said we buy some
8:32 am
of our parts from japan. that's going to affect us as well. gm, toyota, but also even something like the ipad. it's assembled in china. sop of the drives and chips inside the ipad come from japan. now they're saying, wait a minute. there is a big rollout tomorrow, 25 countries. will there be enough supplies to meet the demand? >> steve: too early to tell. we want your assessment of this brand-new rasmussen poll where apparently only 31% of americans approve the way the president is handling the economy. 45% say he's doing a poor job. you add that with fair. 68%. >> and as the price of gas goes higher, my guess is that approval rating will go lower. we're approaching $4 a gallon. everything that's -- almost $107 a barrel for oil this morning. keeps going higher. >> steve: libya? >> sure, libya. brazil, you guys ran a sound clip yesterday of obama saying, bit way, brazil, go ahead. go drill oil, we want you to
8:33 am
drill. they made $2 billion available to the brazilian oil giant. the obama administration administration. basically saying, go ahead. you guys drill. we want to be your biggest and best customer. he's basically saying, we want to be more dependent on foreign oil. not less dependent. we're going in the absolute wrong direction. they should make drilling here more available rather than there. can i say, here is an article out of new orleans saying the one brand-new permit, the single only brand-new permit since the bp disaster 11 months ago, it is a milestone. why is it a milestone for us to drill? one well. meanwhile, we make $2 billion available to the brazilian government. not even government, a private company. >> gretchen: didn't that permit go to bp? >> no, there is two permits that are pending for already producing wells, which bp was one of them. this is a brand-new one. guess who gets this permit?
8:34 am
shell oil. >> gretchen: let's go back to brazil because there is a connection with george soros. what is it? >> okay. let's do this. we're going to get blasted for this, but george s, so ros at one point owned 22 million shares of the company that has available to it those $2 billion in drilling loans. they haven't tapped it. it's available through the import-export bank, which is in the u.s. it allows them to tap $2 billion. now, the question is, did he know? does he know? who knows? but i will tell you one thing, it's been a great trade for him. it's been very profitable and as everyone knows, george s, so ros is one of the big contributors to the obama administration. >> brian: did he know the president was going to say this $2 billion deal? >> george soros information sources money can buy. >> steve: so he stands to make dough? >> he made a boat load of money. he sold 22 million shares of common stock making a ton of money. but then bought preferred
8:35 am
shares, which means he still has an investment in the company. i got to tell you, i don't hear the $2 billion going to u.s. companies looking to drill. small drillers would love to have access to that money to borrow and go ahead and drill. even if they could get the money, they still can't get permit to drill. >> gretchen: we want to follow the money 'cause it's on "fox business" network, monday, tuesday, wednesday and friday at 10:00 o'clock. >> tonight is stossel. >> steve: you'll be back tomorrow. >> gretchen: thanks. >> steve: meantime, we've got headlines. we're getting our first look inside the fukushima nuclear power plant in japan. look at these pictures. these photos show workers trying to make repairs. three of the workers were exposed to radiation while doing electrical work in there. these look like cell phone camera video. right? and in tokyo, shops are now rationing milk, toilet paper, rice, and water after officials say iodine in the tap water is twice the level considered safe for babies. >> gretchen: defense secretary
8:36 am
robert gates is in israel today. he's going to meet with defense minister ehud barak. they launched air strikes. one woman was killed in that attack and more than 20 people were injured. >> brian: 1147 drunk driving cases in philly could be thrown out because four of the city's breathalyzer machines weren't working right. the police chief pinpointed the problem. >> there is no person responsible for calibrating these machines. the error was human error and it's inexcusable, period. should not have happened. >> brian: the officer blamed for the bungle has been reassigned. >> steve: meanwhile, it's better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all. that's unless you're a woman. that's right. a new northwestern university study shows that women regret lost loves twice as much as men
8:37 am
do. >> brian: thought so. >> steve: as for men, we regret career decisions. apparently -- >> gretchen: who did the study? that's what i want to know. >> steve: apparently the lost loves have to do a lot with people you knew in high school. >> brian: yeah, i know. it always goes back to high school. 23 minutes before the top of the hour. donald trump was on "the view." he brought up the whole conversation over his run for president. he's got a major problem with this president, including where he was born. listen. >> why doesn't he show his birth certificate? you know what? i wish he would because i think it's a terrible pale hanging over him. he should show his birth certificate. the other thing, if you go back to my first grade, my kindergarten, people remember me. nobody from those early years remember him. >> that's not true. >> there is something on that birth certificate that he doesn't like. >> i'm telling you -- >> i think that's the biggest pile of dog mess i've heard in
8:38 am
ages. >> why not show it, right? >> let him show. >> any white president asked to be shown the birth certificate. >> when you become the president of the united states of america -- >> let him show it. >> steve: we should point out that donald trump says he believes that the president probably was born in the united states, just show the birth certificate to get rid of all of the questions. >> gretchen: but the question that i posed earlier was why would donald trump, why would he bring this up when there are so many things ostensibly to talk about if you're going to run for president. michael said this, why not show it? what could be on it? he could shut everyone up in five minutes. get it over with. trump is right. have you ever thought about the fact that maybe they're not showing it because it keeps sort of stirring the pot about these other people discussing it and it doesn't make them look so good? maybe that's why. >> brian: here is landon in
8:39 am
north carolina. he says, trump is going to run for president and is using this issue to knock obama down a few notches. >> steve: down in florida, marshall says, it's obvious that trump wants to raise questions about obama's integrity to put a good light on the donald for his run for the presidency. we should also point out that the campaign did produce, before the election, something called a certificate of live birth, which is not the exact birth certificate, but something that the state says indicates that he was born there. >> brian: i think we're so past this. we got so much to debate now. we used to not have a track record. now you got 2 1/2 years to talk about. let's talk about today's weather. >> steve: we got a whole bunch of weather to talk about. right here, as you can see, it's going to be another wet one out west where it's 5:39 in the morning in los angeles right now. some spots in california will wind up with a couple of inches of rain before it's all done out there. look out, possibility for mud
8:40 am
slides. also rain moving through the mid atlantic. otherwise the middle part of the country is nice and dry. as you step out this morning, gretchen, your hometown of minneapolis has 13 degrees. two dozen in chicago right now. and currently in new york, we've got 31. if you're lucky to live in florida, your temperatures are in the 70s already. and will climb into the upper 70s, approaching 80. 70s and 80s across much of the great state of texas. mid 50s in the central plains states. it will be a beautiful day in dixie land with temperatures as indicated by atlanta's in the mid- to upper 60s. nice day. >> gretchen: seven years old, he was singing -- she was singing opera. now she's danceing and singing with dolly parton. >> brian: president reagan calls him the mad dog of the middle east. so why did president obama's new budget increase aid to libya? a live report next.
8:41 am
>> alcohol expert says according to his research, hangovers get worse as drinkers age. they say the older you get, the worse it is to get bombed, which moammar gadhafi said, tell me about it. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. premier of the packed bag. you know when to hold 'em... and how to fold 'em. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above and still pay the mid-size price. here we are.. [ male announcer and there you go, buss pro. there you go. go natnal. go like a pro.
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the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspireby you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where u want to be. ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. ♪ >> gretchen: couple quick headlines. rescuers are talking with two people stuck in a car, stuck under this truck hanging off a bridge on i-20 in dallas. you're about to see the truck. that's actually the rescue squad. the truck driver was -- there is the truck there, hanging over that bridge. he was rescued, the driver, earlier with a fire ladder and taken to a hospital. unknown how long it will be to free the two people still trapped inside.
8:45 am
wow. and it was motown madness on "american idol" last night. contestants sang their hearts out. but we heard it through the grapevine that one outshined the rest, casey abrams. he sang one of marvin gay's hit songs. ♪ it took me by surprise i must say ♪ ♪ when i found out yesterday ♪ don't you know that i heard it through the grapevine ♪ ♪ . >> gretchen: i thought they were all fantastic. find out which contestant will go home because one of them has to on "american idol" right here on fox. brian? >> brian: going to be pia who will win. >> gretchen: we're setting our bets. >> brian: yeah. i'm a sucker for ballads. as u.s. leads in libya, taxpayers are aiding the enemy. this year the u.s. is sending libya $850 million in military assistance and president obama wants to double that for more. we turn to william lajeunesse who is live in los angeles.
8:46 am
hey, william. >> brian, critics say it doesn't make sense. on one hand u.s. jets bomb libya. on the other, u.s. money trains the libyan military to shoot us down. secondly, president obama calls gadhafi a threat to his own people, yet just a month ago, he doubled or asked congress to double the amount of money that the u.s. gives gadhafi, a man accused of killing hundreds of americans aboard pan am 103. if it seems contradictory, welcome to the world of u.s. foreign aid where millions of tax dollars go to people we don't like in nations that don't need it. libya received more than 5 million u.s. tax dollars the last three years, including almost $800,000 last year alone to train its military, upgrade its air force and counterterrorism and last month the president asked congress to double that to $1.7 million. >> we can not buy friendship. if we're trying to do that, we're a total failure. most of these countries that we
8:47 am
give money to, they vote against us in the united nations. they don't like us. many of them hate us. and we don't need to pay them to hate us. they can do it on their own. >> last year, we gave yemen 60 million. 20 million for its military, which is putting down a popular revolt. and 11 million to promote democracy and human rights. something critics say doesn't exist in yemen. analysts, however, say the money does buy access and helps build relationships with career officers. >> i'm not saying you can justify each and every one of these expenditures, but you have to be able to look at it from a strategic perspective and they could well be justified. >> the state department told me yesterday that they have suspended a few weeks ago the aid to libya, but congressmen agree foreign aid needs an overhaul. they introduced a bill to
8:48 am
scrutinize the aid we give to countries. back to you. >> brian: it only seems logical. tighten our belts for these earmarks and everything else. william, thanks a lot. i got to tell you, final segment of the show, at seven years old, she was singing opera. now she's dancing with dolly parton. the super talented actress emmy rossum walking toward the curvy couch. first, let's check in with another great dancer, bill hemmer. he's going to tell us what's on the top of the hour. >> how are you doing? good to be with you on your road yesterday. >> brian: you were brilliant as usual. >> thank you very much. you? >> brian: i thought so. >> for a day. >> brian: and the girl was good. >> the girl. martha. thanks, brian. why was the control tower in washington, d.c. asleep at the wheel? also there is breaking news on libya. colonel oliver north tells us what will happen next in this conflict. and the union battle that no one is talking about. how it could change the face of american labor. we'll see you in ten minutes on
8:49 am
"america's newsroom." ♪
8:50 am
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8:52 am
>> steve: from singing opera at the age of seven to starring on the silver screen, singer and actress emmy rossum has already done it all and she's only 24. now she's making a splash in a tv show that reveals the grittier side of family life. here is a clip from show time's "shameless" series. >> we want to know, he reset his arm. hey. just do what we came here to do. >> if you're looking for money, i don't have any yet. your mom still hasn't signed my
8:53 am
settlement papers. i don't know where she's been all day. >> she's been getting liama dna result. >> congratulations, you're still the father? >> are you serious? >> family reunion at the bar. >> gretchen: emmy rossum is here. one of your favorite things about playing this role, no make-up, and it's a character who is totally the opposite from you in real life. >> yeah. it's really gritty, it's really intense and a lot of the comedy comes out of the dysfunction of this family. but at the heart of it, they really love each other and really do function with the loyalty that is essentially what family is. >> steve: in that clip we saw, william h macy, the father who is drunk. >> all the time. >> steve: you are the defacto mom. >> i am, yeah. she functions as a mom for her five younger siblings. and i'm an only child, so that gives me a lot of fun. >> gretchen: in your real life an only child. and speaking of your real life, totally different from this role. you ended up getting your high school diploma from stanford
8:54 am
university. how did that happen? >> you're a stanford grad, too, right? >> gretchen: many, many eons ago. >> such a smarty. >> brian: i interviewed john elway who went to stanford. >> gretchen: here is my college graduation with my mom. years and years ago. but talk about how you were able to get your high school diploma through stanford? >> i was working and sing teg opera in the chorus, in the children's chorus. i was traveling a lot in movies and singing and couldn't go to regular school, but i really wanted to get a good education. i found this good program that stanford runs which is an on-line universe of classroom on-line. you go on and, you log in and there are other kids in your classroom, nobody sees each other, but everyone hears each other and you have a teacher and that's how i did high school. >> steve: speaking of teachers, you learned something from dolly parton. she's involved in singing and dancing in dollywood. you did a duet with her. >> the first song i did, she was
8:55 am
approached to write a song for our sound track and i got to go to nashville. >> steve: is that you singing right now, i hear? >> yeah, with dolly. she's an amazing woman. >> brian: i've never seen any video of her, but she looks nice in that picture. >> steve: she'll be on our show tomorrow. >> really? >> brian: her and kenny rogers don't get along at all. if you want to run with that story. so let's talk about singing before nascar. what is it like knowing at any moment, someone could interrupt you by turning on their engine. >> i loved it. i got to do the anthem at nascar. it was such a treat. i always get night sweats singing the anthem. i remembered the words. >> steve: the key there at the track is your hair looks great. tell us about suave challenge. >> i partnered with suave. they reformulated their product line, so it works well as top salon brands. and we're going to be doing continue event in union square today and you can go to the-off
8:56 am
beauty facebook page and try out all the products. >> steve: you're giving out free product to 200,000 people. >> yeah on the facebook page. >> steve: that's good shampoo. >> dolly has good hair, too. >> brian: the best in the country working on suave. >> gretchen: will you stick around? we'd love to ask you a couple more questions. we'll be right back, two minutes from now. ♪
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
♪ . >> steve: now everybody! >> gretchen: not really. you first. you have a voice like that. coming up tomorrow, we'll be talking to dolly parton who actually has a relationship with emmy and so we'll have you do something in our after the show show for dolly if y


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